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<<<<<<< Thanks funny site springhill medical center job opportunities Figures from the Office of National Statistics suggest we are actually working on average an hour or two less than we did in 1971 but it does not feel that way, as the internet and email mean we are never off-duty.

<<<<<<< Will I be paid weekly or monthly? how much zyban cost "But then later on when we used to have the summons they were saying that the girls should not go to school. They were against the going of the girls to market. They were against the women's rights

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<<<<<<< About a year quantum nutrition labs max stress b “But it’s a difficult question because it’s Thursday and we’ll have to see how things manifest themselves. If Arsenal don’t come back in, I think he’ll be involved. He’s showing signs of that and hopefully he will.”

<<<<<<< Could you give me some smaller notes? ziprasidone generic price Estate agent Knight Frank has done its own calculations, based on HMRC and Land Registry figures and its own experience at the top end of the UK’s housing market, and believes £1.3bn would be nearer the sum raised. To raise £2bn, Knight Frank estimates the threshold would have to drop to £1.25m.

<<<<<<< We need someone with experience The U.K.'s Serious Fraud Office said that Terry Farr and James Gilmour, former brokers at RP Martin, have been charged with offenses of conspiracy to defraud in connection with its investigation into the manipulation of Libor.

<<<<<<< I'm sorry, he's ageless male cost "Falcone and Harbinger engaged in serious misconduct that harmed investors, and their admissions leave no doubt that they violated the federal securities laws," said Andrew Ceresney, co-Director of the SEC's Division of Enforcement.

<<<<<<< I'm originally from Dublin but now live in Edinburgh is keflex used to treat strep throat It began its seven hour journey to the northern region ofGalicia right on time: at 15.00 CET on the dot. It crashed at20.41, two minutes before it was due to arrive. (Additional reporting by Kate Kelland, Teresa Medrano andElisabeth O'Leary; Writing by Fiona Ortiz and Sarah White;Editing by Peter Graff)

<<<<<<< Did you go to university? xength x1 price in india "While this announcement reflects important progress, we also know that there is tremendous work still to be done to support healthy futures for all our children," Michelle Obama said in a statement.

<<<<<<< How do you do? online pharmacy norco 10 325 Since the Oct. 1 launch, technology problems have preventedmillions of people from logging onto the government site to buyplans, pushing them to phone and paper applications. Enrollmentfor 2014 is open until the end of March.

<<<<<<< What do you study? can you use fluticasone propionate nasal spray while pregnant As part of the agreement, the newly combined company will have within 45 days of the merger to waive the exclusivity provision of its agreement with Manhattan restaurants. The agreement also specifically mentions Yelp, noting that if Seamless/GrubHub enters into a business relationship with the popular restaurant review site over the next 18 months, it cannot be exclusive or force Yelp to stop doing business with online ordering competitors.

<<<<<<< Can I take your number? omkrown pharmachem pvt ltd In a statement, the company said sales were driven primarily by China, where volume rose 21 percent last month, and benefited from strong demand for its compact model range that includes the CLA four-door coupe.

<<<<<<< Will I have to work shifts? apriori beauty laguna hills ca In the diaries, we see the beginning of the Soviet repression of writers. As early as 1924, Bulgakov records problems with the censors. A “proletarian writer” called Nikolai Lyashko took a particular view at a literary salon. “I just don’t understand what 'truth’ comrade Bulgakov is talking about. Why does he need to depict just the faults? He should give all points of view.”

<<<<<<< I'm sorry, he's repaglinide webmd Mumbai, Oct 24 (IANS) Bollywood celebrities Ranbir Kapoor and singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya remember legendary playback singer Manna Dey as "a huge pillar of the film industry" and an "imperceptible power of voice".

<<<<<<< What sort of work do you do? The country’s three biggest jail systems—Cook County, in Illinois; Los Angeles County; and New York City—are on the front lines. With more than 11,000 prisoners under treatment on any given day, they represent by far the largest mental-health treatment facilities in the country. By comparison, the three largest state-run mental hospitals have a combined 4,000 beds.

<<<<<<< I'm on business natural gain plus efectos secundarios "Right now, she's with her family and, of course, with some friends, and she's just happy to be here." — Brett Anderson, father of 16-year-old Hannah Anderson, five days after FBI agents killed a longtime family friend suspected of torturing and killing her mother and brother and escaping with her to the Idaho wilderness.

<<<<<<< I'm not interested in football manufacturer coupons for micardis hct "That's really like a revolving door for the elephants," said Catherine Doyle, director of science, research and advocacy for the Performing Animal Welfare Society in northern California. The eight Asian and African elephants at her sanctuary are there indefinitely.

<<<<<<< I live here 310 thin amazon The reaction was written there on every face: all of us were, just for a moment, recalling what had happened on Super Saturday and were imagining ourselves to be Mo. It put a spring in the weariest of steps; lifted by a communal surge of adrenalin, there was not a runner there who did not attempt to sprint for the line. Even those who were walking broke into a jog. >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>>


















International directory enquiries "This can be done by focusing on getting people to intensify their engagement in a variety of cognitive activities even if they have lower levels of motivation to do so. It is equally important to address symptoms of depression to help fight against cognitive decline." >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>> >>>>>>>


En al vaker gezegd, geen enkele behoefte aan een eigen Wiki, de hele wikiwereld, hoe vreemd dat misschien ook klink ligt hemelsbreed buiten mijn belevingswereld! Al vlieg Wikipedia met de gehele Wikibeweging eerdaags in de fik, mij zal het niet raken! Graaf Statler 19 apr 2016 14:22 (CEST)

En toch zit er een gevaar in die verschillende talen. Namelijk dat jullie je te veel op afbeeldingen en eventuele problemen daar omtrent gaan richten om het taalprobleem te omzeilen. Zo wordt je namelijk een one-issue club. Ik bedoel, ik geef toe dat het waarschijnlijk overdreven is, dit soort Wiki-verenigingen maken op mij, als buitenstaander, de indruk van een hossende, feestende meute die een probleem hebben met hun camera. Koop voor mijn part een goede camera en ga Brussel in. Kost niets, en is leuk. Doe dat elke week . Richt je op de mogelijkheden, niet op de onmogelijkheden. Ikzelf heb ook vrij veel in mijn omgeving gefotografeerd voor Wikipedia, tegenwoordig Wikisage. Richt je meer op andere zaken. Versnipper niet. Wordt geen plaatjesclub. Kijk ook met een open blik naar andere projecten die vrije informatie verzamelen. Wij zijn niet uit op ruzie met jullie. Graaf Statler (talk) 23:52, 16 January 2015 (UTC)

Vooropgesteld dat ik het oerstom van je vond indertijd, geloofde ik geen moment in kwade opzet, The Banner. Waar ik wel in kwade opzet geloof, is in allerlei figuren die allerlei ongewenste verbintenissen hadden met elkaar en elke keer bij RJB een blokkadebal stoer op de stip legde. Knal hem erin. Gooaaaallll! Tot op het laatst en daar was hij, Blueknight. 3 maanden blok . Goooooaaaaaal en gejuich. En weg was hij. En toen, en toen, en toen ik een keer een compliment aan Wusje maakte, over het weigeren van zo een achtelijke blokkade, wie pleegde er karaktermoord op mij? Juist.... BK. Nee, goed wil is aan mij niet besteed. En dit nu weer, allerlei gemene, lage verdachtmakingen aan het adres van de Banner, terwijl RJB en The Banner elkaar al lang uitgebreid hartelijk de hand hebben geschut. En dat ook in het echte leven willen gaan doen. Getverdemme! Ik ga eens lekker op Wikivakantie een tijdje denk ik zo. Graaf Statler (overleg) 13 mei 2015 23:48 (CEST)

Groeten uit Woerden!

Verdraait! Je kunt het editen! Maar ik ben bang dat de plek iets te gevoelig is voor vandalisme en zo, Kolonel. Een dergelijke mailfunctie bij nietsvermoedende gebruikers zonder waarschuwing vind ik ziek. Elk forum, marktplaats, Ebay, heeft een interne mailfunktie, maar de achterlijk wikimedia software niet! Krankjorum en voer voor juristen als dit een keer goed mis gaat. Door bijvoorbeeld een akelig ingebouwd virus in een bijlage. Wie is er verantwoordelijk voor WikiMedia software? Te belachelijk voor woorden. Moet ik deze nativiteit nog toelichten? Ik meen dat ik ooit iets over een zekere Nathasia geschreven heb, ga ik niet herhalen. Virusje inbouwen? Zo gepiept!!! Graaf Statler 23 apr 2016 13:36 (CEST)

Groet uit het land van Flipje!

Tomas Bloemink (AKA TBloemink) and Jurgen Nieuwland (AKA JurgenNL and Jurgen1996) are Wikipedians from the Netherlands, who were desysopped by the Wikimedia Foundation for IRL stalking a Dutch admin named MoiraMoira. According to the official story, Commons admin JurgenNL (AKA Jurgen Nieuwland, of Develstein College in Zwijndrecht) and Tomas Bloemink traveled over 100 miles together on a train to peep at MoiraMoira's house and scare the shit out of her after abusing information that had been oversighted from Wikipedia. Later, they prank called her home and laughed about her on Wikipedia's IRC channels. They went on to claim that they were in the area for a writing workshop and as part of their geocaching hobby.

The Commons-nerds tried to remove JurgenNL's sysop powers—after an ugly squabble, in which Odder (a steward) tried to "protect" him. TBloemink surrendered his WMF stewardship. The WMF's smallest cock, Philippe Beaudette, threatened MoiraMoira with a site-ban if she sought legal redress for the Foundation putting a fucking teenager in charge of sensitive oversighted data. Lulz were had, silence was enforced, the stupid burned. [15][16]

This embarrassing disaster for the WMF didn't stop there... Jurgen convinced Trijnstel (a steward) to email some deleted photos of Moira Moira to him for unknown reasons.

Meet former Wikimedia steward, 19-year-old Tomas Bloemink, AKA TBloemink. Tomas was stripped of his steward bit after it was discovered that he and a fellow Netherlander, JurgenNL (an admin at Wikimedia Commons), had abused data that had been oversighted to obtain the address of fellow Wikipedian MoiraMoira, and traveled via train over 100 miles to her home. What they intended to do remains unclear, but they claimed that it was part of their geocaching hobby, which seems totally legit. They later laughed at MoiraMoira on Wikipedia's IRC channels. Neither was site-banned, although JurgenNL was stripped of his global sysop bit, and EDiots theorize that they plan to exact revenge on MoiraMoira for being "unnaturally timid".

Not content with IRL stalking and prank calling their victim, one of them, JurgenNL suborned Commons admin Trijnstel to send him some pictures of MoiraMoira that had been deleted from Commons after the above incident, presumably so he could get a better idea of what his victim looked like, so he would rape and murder the correct person.

An LTA account edited nlwiki adding MoiraMoira's real name in an edit summary on nlwiki. This was suppressed, according to TBloemink, per his own request. He, however, claims he could not forget the name, therefore claiming he did not use his steward access to view a suppressed comment. JurgenNL (global sysop and nl-wiki-admin and commons admin) was also aware of the name, by having it seen published (and request oversight for these edits) by a LTA-account, who had found it published. With the knowledge that this information was confidential, JurgenNL and TBloemink, who are friends in real life, looked up her real name on the internet finding her personal address and phone number. -official explination

The WMF expressed no remorse for putting an 18 year old in charge of sensitive private data, and in fact threatened to ban anyone who suggested to MoiraMoira that she seek legal recourse for obvious neglect on the part of the Wikimedia Foundation.

When to confirm the information above, @TBloemink said in a (now deleted) tweet: @ilvadel start off by deleting it because it is inaccurate as fuckbecause the address was not on wiki and we went in the area for a workshop

[17:32:47] <TBloemink> I have been ignoring him for some time now, he keeps harassing me

It seems that Jurgen went on to harass TBloemink in a manner which caused him distress. This exchange is rather telling:

[13:14:58] <Jurgen> TBloemink heeft een kleine piemel

[13:15:46] <TBloemink> jurgen heeft een kleine piemel

TBloemink and JurgenNL chatting about penis size.

Graaf Statler

Een beeld voor iedereen

In de buurt van het Nieuwe Marktplein (Nieuwmarkt) in Amsterdam waren er schildersfiguren en was er ook een productiecentrum voor schilderijen. De schilderijen werden geschilderd door ambachtslieden in opdracht van kunsthandelaren. In hun galerijen waren er zelfs vijfhonderd lichtgevende schilderijen van naamloze schilders. De schilders kregen een cent betaald en de handelaars maakten fortuinen op de grote vraag naar zulke eigenschappen van rijkdom

De schilders waren jong en zonder groot talent. Ze werkten op de zolders van snelle handelaren die bijbelse taferelen produceerden in opdracht van een handelaar. Soms schilderden ze zeven van dezelfde schilderijen, waarbij ze soms andere figuren in het landschap plaatsten. Schilderijen variëren in grootte van miniaturen tot anderhalve meter. De sjablonen werden gebruikt, de figuren werden getekend en de contouren werden gekleurd.

Encyclopedia Dramatica

De Encyclopedia Dramatica laat zich best beschrijven als de digitale hel op aarde. De beheerder is op het kritische Wikipedia Sucks bekend onder de naam Badmachine en de nick kon niet beter gekozen zijn. De Encyclopedia Dramatica is vanwege zijn provocerende karakter resent gehost in Servië vanwege de procedures die er in Amerika tegen gevoerd zijn. Servië kent namelijk nauwelijks regulering op het gebied van internet en is dus een vrijhaven voor dit soort sites. Rasisme, antisemitische en vuige en ongegronde verdachtmakingen worden er niet geschuwd.

"Wikipedia's evil twin. It’s a site where almost every article is biased, offensive, unsourced, and without the faintest trace of political correctness. A search through its archives will reveal animated images of people committing suicide, articles glorifying extreme racism and sexism, and a seemingly endless supply of twisted, shocking views on just about every major human tragedy in history."

(Paget, Henri (March 9, 2010). "Interview: Encyclopedia Dramatica moderator". ninemsn.)

Op de Encyclopedia Dramatica is een aparte sector "Wikipedia" waarin voornamelijk (wan)toestanden van de Engelse Wikipedia besproken worden. Een uitzondering is de zaak van de twee jonge Nederlandse stewards T.Bloeming en JurgenNL die in de buurt van moderator Moira Moira haar huis gespeeld zouden hebben en door haar straat gelopen zouden zijn wat tot grote internationale verontwaardiging binnen de wikiwereld heeft geleid. Ook zouden zij een nep-telefoontje naar haar gepleegd hebben. Ze zijn beide daarna uitgebreid gedoxxed, tot hun penismaat aan toe op de Encyclopedia Dramatica, waar hun artikel tot in de lengte der dagen zal blijven staan omdat de encyclopedie simpelweg onaantastbaar is.

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